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We would like to introduce you to Solar Industries, Inc. We are a full service skylight and mirrored wardrobe door manufacturing company located in Tucson, Arizona. Solar Industries began in and currently we have six branch locations throughout California, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona. We have plans to open more branch operations to serve our customers. Since our conception we have prided ourselves in our ability to service our customers. Our number one goal is to provide excellent service to our customers and we strive to achieve is daily.
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Why Women Hold All The Power When It Comes To The Dating Game

Part of a series on the History of the Cold War. Historians do not fully agree on the dates, but the period is generally considered to span the Truman Doctrine to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The term " cold " is used because there was no large-scale fighting directly between the two superpowers , but they each supported major regional conflicts known as proxy wars. The conflict was based around the ideological and geopolitical struggle for global influence by the two powers, following their temporary alliance and victory against Nazi Germany in Aside from the nuclear arsenal development and conventional military deployment, the struggle for dominance was expressed via indirect means such as psychological warfare , propaganda campaigns, espionage , far-reaching embargoes , rivalry at sports events and technological competitions such as the Space Race. The West was led by the United States as well as the other First World nations of the Western Bloc that were generally liberal democratic but tied to a network of authoritarian states, most of which were their former colonies. The US government supported right-wing governments and uprisings across the world, while the Soviet government funded communist parties and revolutions around the world.
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Millennials use PowerPoint to help friends score dates

Have you ever noticed that some people are just naturally intimidating? Or, perhaps, have you noticed that people tend to be intimidated by you? But it actually might be your personality traits that are causing the discomfort! Being direct and to-the-point can be quite intimidating, and if you match that description, you do not waste time with small talk.
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The dissolution of the Soviet Union — [b] was the process of internal disintegration within the Soviet Union , which began with growing unrest in its various constituent republics developing into an incessant political and legislative conflict between the republics and the central government, and ended when the leaders of three primal republics the Russian SFSR , the Ukrainian SSR and the Byelorussian SSR declared it no longer existed , later accompanied by 11 more republics , resulting in President Mikhail Gorbachev having to resign and what was left of the Soviet parliament formally acknowledging what had already taken place. The failure of the August Coup , when Soviet government and military elites tried to overthrow Gorbachev and stop the " parade of sovereignties ", led to the government in Moscow losing most of its influence, and many republics proclaiming independence in the following days and months. The secession of the Baltic states , the first to declare their sovereignty and then their full independence, was recognized in September
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